Here is some of the work that we have done in a signal processing class CSC214 I was sitting in on during spring semester 2018, held at MCC, Rochester NY and instructed by D. Venable.

I helped with some of the software development for the creation of the first iteration of this class a long while ago, now years later it has been fully revamped.

The students now take hands on approach with both the hardware and software development. Unlike previews iterations where software was built by me and the instructor who originated the class and hardware was designed and built by the instructor. The old curriculum involved them experimenting and exploring this pre-built system, while in the new curriculum students are active part in all aspects of camera development, including embedded on camera and pc client software, case and mechanics design and building, circuit board layout and population, etc. Continue reading

16x2 LCD Manual Drive Switches labeled

HD44780 compatible LCD displays are controlled via a built in MCU, as such driving them to display text is just a matter of sending them the appropriate commands in the control protocol. Doing that from another MCU is quite trivial, however I had seen it done with just dip switches and seemed like a good exercise in some electronics basics, so built the circuit in Tinkercad.

Here is a link: Continue reading



This is a quick graphic guide to the physical pin numbers on the Teensy 3.6 micro-controller. I was part of a class that involved building a hardware prototype around the Teensy 3.6 and had noticed quite a few of the students were having a hard time with navigating the physical pinout of the micro-controller while bread-boarding as it is different than the GPIO numbering.


While the physical pin layout is very straight forward it still seemed to create some confusion so I generated this simple image as a quick guide. Posting it here in case it may prove helpful to other novice electronics hobbits.