90’s Flashback – stumbled on some old source code !

Recently found some old source code from the early 90’s decide to compile it and take some screenshots for laughs. Enjoy the retro DOS experience and 320×200 graphics.

This is an ASCII art editor I created for creating title screens and user interface with ASCII characters to used in Bulletin Board Systems and DOS applications. It came in quite in handy back in the day!

Bellow is my version of the ubiquitous keyboard piano, if you grew up in the 80’s/90’s and learned to code then you of course had to write a version of this … a right of passage you might say. And clearly just as in the previews example I was still working on squaring away my English.

The following screen shot is from a graphics demo written by my friend Kaloyan Tenchov, it was intended to promote the BBS system we operated. This BBS was running custom BBS software we were creating at the time. I’d say that’s still a pretty sick fire effect he coded, 320x200x256colors in all it’s glory.


Hope some of you get a kick out of this short retro trip,
Until next time and remember always keep the write protect sticker on your floppies when using school computers.