This is a Raycaster I created from scratch,written in Javascript that uses an unconventional algorithm I came up with. It was a fun exercise in thinking, starting at trigonometry and coding an algorithm that worked. Once I finish up a few more details in the code I will put up blog post here describing things in more detail. For now you can click the link below and play around with the raycaster engine, a very very un-optimized, zero error checking raycaster engine, but in the words of Boltr, “She chooches!”

RaycasterTestV01 Click here to launch!

This is the source code to an article published in an issue of 2600 magazine. The article is intended as an introduction to computer viruses, overview of the general ideas involved, the mechanics / algorithms, history and importantly the ethics.

A whole section of the article is dedicated to ethics, something that I feel many young programming enthusiasts might not consider when they get intrigued and focused on solving the fascinating problems involved in coding a computer virus.

The example provided with the article is written in Windows Powershell script, it implements self-replication, and an example of a basic stealth technique, obfuscating the virus code through a simple cipher. The reasons Powershell script was chosen are that it presents almost no actual functionality in the wild because of the security restrictions in the shell, as such we are NOT adding to the public code base available for use to bad actors. Also it was an interesting exercise for me develop a piece of self-replicating code in a scripting language such as MSPS. Lastly it makes for a piece of code that should be accessible and easy to understand to a broad segment of people illustrating the ideas presented in the article.

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