Manually driving a 16×2 LCD, emulated in Autodesk Tinkercad.

16x2 LCD Manual Drive Switches labeled

HD44780 compatible LCD displays are controlled via a built in MCU, as such driving them to display text is just a matter of sending them the appropriate commands in the control protocol. Doing that from another MCU is quite trivial, however I had seen it done with just dip switches and seemed like a good exercise in some electronics basics, so built the circuit in Tinkercad.

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Commands are listed here, image credit to

HD44780 compatible LCD Commands

Driving the display can be as simple as sending the following :

Flip RS switch to LOW (GROUND).

00111000 – This data pin configuration sets 8bit data line, 2 rows. Pulse the Enable button.

00001111 – This data pin configuration turns on the display, cursor and sets cursor to blinking. Pulse the Enable button.

00000001 – This data pin configuration clears the display. Pulse the Enable button.

00000110 – This data pin configuration sets cursor movement direction. Pulse the Enable button.

Flip RS switch to HIGH (+5v).

XXXXXXXX – Whatever value is on the 8 data pis will be sent to the display when Enable is pulsed, the LCD will display the character corresponding to that ASCII code.